About us

Hi there.

We’re called Nuke the Whales.

We are a band from Paris, in France.

We play music. It’s usually fast, and loud, but not always. I guess it’s punk rock, or rock, or maybe sometimes metal. It’s also ska and dub sometimes. As you can see, we can’t make up our minds about the name of the genre we play, and that’s fine with us.

All our music is released under a Creative Commons “Attribution – Share Alike” licence (CC By-SA), which means you can listen to it, share it, and remix it, as long as you don’t pretend you wrote it when you didn’t (’cause we did), and that you give other people the same rights. Sounds fair to me.

You can download our first E.P., “Kernel Panic”, on the E.P.’s page.

Nuke the Whales is:

Axel Simon – Vocals

Damien Guillotin – Bass, Melodica, Backing vocals

Florent Dehollander – Guitar, Banjo, Backing vocals

Nicolas Pinhas – Drums

Pierre-Alexandre Servois – Guitar, Backing vocals

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